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  • REACH Compliance Review


    REACH Compliance Review on location (one day session). With a combination of mind-set triggering slides and a dedicated REACH Compliance Check list, we’ll go with you through your main REACH Compliance processes aligned to your specific business case.

  • SDS Assessment Toolkit


    The SDS Assessment Toolkit is a complete toolkit to upgrade your existing SDS Assessment process on site to meet the new REACH Requirements as Downstream user. It is developed with and for Industry and it is ready to be used within your company within one day!

  • SDS Templates (MS Word) in all 23 EU languages


    The SDS template contains the official format of a safety data sheet (SDS) in accordance with the legal requirements of REACH Article 31 and the latest version of the REACH Annex II. This new version came into force on 1 January 2021. The SDS templates are directly applicable as template in MS Word 2007 or higher.

    The SDS template contains the complete format of a safety data sheet with the 16 mandatory headings and sub-headings in the official translation of all 23 EU languages. All you need to do is add the product specific information to easily prepare your own company specific safety data sheet(s) in the relevant languages of the countries of your customers to comply with REACH & CLP.

Showing all 3 results