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How to implement REACH in your (SME) company? Follow our four REACH implementation steps!

The EU Chemicals legislation, with the REACH Regulation (EC) 1907/2006 and CLP Regulation (EC) 1272/2008 as its main drivers, affects every European company manufacturing, importing, formulating, distributing and/or using (chemical) products.

Are you such a company? Do you wonder what the REACH (and CLP) requirements are for your company and how to organize your own REACH compliance in practice?

As visualised below, in the REACH Bootcamp, we distinguish four logical REACH implementation steps.

The first step is to check which legal role(s) the legal entities in your business case will have. The next step is to check the legal product definition(s) for your product portfolio. What do you purchase, what do you produce and what do you supply to your customers? Based on this information, understanding your REACH (and CLP) requirements is the third main step. The last important step is to organize and secure the REACH compliance processes efficiently and effectively in your company.

We shall explain the individual REACH implementation steps in more detail in future blogs.

Do you have practical lessons learnt how you identify your REACH & CLP Compliance requirements to share? Please add them in a comment box below to make it available for the other readers too.

Do you want to apply the four steps to your specific business case? Participate in our REACH Bootcamp, “understanding REACH for your business in one day”. On Thursday March 30th the REACH Bootcamp will be held in Dutch and on Thursday April 6th it will be held in English. Click on the link or visit  for more details and online registration.

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