About us

The REACH Support Network is an initiative of Jongerius Consult. More details about Jongerius Consult can be found at www.jongeriusconsult.com.

The REACH Support Network is for European companies that manufacture, import, formulate, distribute and/or use (chemical) products and that are looking for practical, ready to use support solutions for Compliance issues related to their roles under REACH & CLP.

The REACH Support Network wants to provide (SME) companies with one portal to obtain access to ready to use, practical REACH & CLP support in the form of access to trainings, tools and dedicated services which have proven to work within Industry and that can be ordered online for transparent, acceptable and fair prices. Many ready-to-use solutions can be downloaded and used after online payment of a low, fixed price (with interesting discounts for SME and Members of participating branches). In many cases there is no need for any (expensive) consultancy support.

The REACH Support Network is looking for other knowledgeable partners that are willing to offer their solutions in the REACH Support Network, that proved to work and can be offered in a similar transparent way for fixed low prices affordable for companies including small medium enterprises (SME). We are also looking for any branch / idustry sector that wants to support their Members with any of the REACH Compliance solutions provided by offering them a specifal Member discount. Please contact us, if you are interested to discuss these options.

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