For who?

RSN LogoAre you a European company importing, producing, formulating, distributing, supplying and/or using (chemical) products?
Are you a non-European company supplying (chemical) products to European customers?

Are you aware that the EU Chemicals Legislation, with the REACH Regulation (EC) 1907/2006 and the CLP Regulation (EC) 1272/2008 as main drivers, may require actions from you, your suppliers and/or your customers?

Are you wondering how to organize your REACH & CLP compliance within your company?  Do you have specific REACH & CLP compliance issues?

This REACH Support Network wants to provide you as (SME) Company with one portal to obtain access to ready-to-use and practical REACH & CLP support solutions in the form of access to trainings, tools and dedicated services which have proven to work within Industry and that can be offered online for transparent, acceptable and fair prices.

  • The REACH Compliance Solutions offered are in principally only available¬†for (SME) Companies in the supply chain of chemical products. Under the Terms and Conditions, they can use the Solution within their Company (with or without the support of any third Party).
  • Consultants interested in using some of the Solutions in their Services and/or having additional REACH Compliance Solutions to offer via the REACH Support Network can contact us to discuss the conditions to become partner of the REACH Support Network.
  • Branches / industry sectors interested to offer any of the REACH Compliance Solutions to their Members can contact us to discuss the conditions to obtain a sector specific Discount for their Members.